How to fix the QuickBooks Error of -6177, 0?

QuickBooks is an accounting software which is built for small enterprises and as well as for medium sized enterprises. It helps them to create their employees paychecks on time, to maintain their book of accounts, track a perfect record of their sales transaction and much more.

It has multiple versions with numerous products. Each version has its own standard and unique features. Users can choose versions according to their business needs and standards. It also has QuickBooks technical support for their users.

When users open their company file, they see an error (-6177, 0):

QuickBooks is trying to open a Company file. Before users can open the company file from their computer, they must need to open the company file on their computer, where they contain the company file.


Why is this error occurring?

QuickBooks Desktop is not able to use the path to open the company file.


How to fix this error?

QB support suggested various solutions for this error. Maybe the first suggestion solves your problem, or you may need to try them all to address the problem. For the perfect results, follow the suggestions in the order shown or users may call QuickBooks helpline number which works 24x7 to provide proper guidance on software issues.


Solution 1: Move the file to the Regional hard drive


  • Move the file from the web to the local C drive.
  • Open the C:\ drive and Open the folder of QuickBooks.
  • Create a portable file and save that file to C:\ drive.
  • Then Close the company file.
  • Restore the file and save it to the web.
  • Open the company files from the internet.


Solution 2 - Make sure the version of QuickBooks Desktop is up-to-date to the latest release


  • Go to the Update option and see the Latest Release web page.

Important: make sure your product is selected. If it isn't, click and select a different product.

  • Choose and follow the orders for one of the update options: It can be manual or automatic.


Solution 3 – Install and Command the QuickBooks File Doctor

  • Download the tool of QuickBooks File Doctor and after the installation run it.